Your boat is an investment. In your free time, your quality of life and your future. So it makes sense to protect its vulnerable surfaces with the world’s most complete protective coating for the marine industry. The world’s first all-inclusive preventative maintenance product line, Ceramic Pro Marine is  specially designed to protect both underwater and above water surfaces from contamination, UV rays, corrosion and fouling — without damaging the environment.



Every boat lover knows about the harsh conditions their vessel has to endure. Sun, salt water, bird droppings and fouling make cleaning and maintenance above and below the water hard work. And traditional cleaning methods are not always environmentally-friendly. Ceramic Pro Marine is the only ceramic coating product in the world certified as an organotin-free anti-fouling coating by the International Maritime Organisation.

Ceramic Pro products are already protecting boats all over the world. Using advanced nano-technology, they make every surface completely repellent to the elements and contaminants, and actively improve performance.

Once Ceramic Pro marine has been applied, it removes the need for waxes and other off-the-shelf protective products. A clear, non-yellowing, liquid nano-ceramic coating, it transforms once cured into a rigid but flexible super-slick glass shield, bonding to and protecting your surfaces.



Ceramic Pro Marine’s high-gloss finish exceeds OEM paint or gelcoat quality. So your boat remains just as beautiful as it was on the day you bought it.


Our products cannot be washed away or removed by environmental hazards, making them the most durable protective coating available for your boat.


Ceramic Pro Marine is suitable for every surface on your boat. It’s the most durable protective coating available.


We provide proven warranties for our products, because we believe Ceramic Pro Marine should offer high quality performance throughout its lifetime.



A revolutionary blend of UV-inhibiting minerals protect your vessel from even the harshest rays of the sun.


Ceramic Pro Marine begins with a penetrating foundation coat, and builds to create a protective layer that seals your gelcoat.


By reducing the surface tension of your gelcoat, Ceramic Pro Marine prevents algae from rooting into its pores, making growth easy to remove.


A protective layer reduces surface tension allowing bird droppings, fish blood, oil and other contaminants to be easily washed away.



Ceramic Pro products create extreme hydrophobicity for long-term protection.

UV Protection

Built-in UV protection protects gelcoat, paint, rubbers and plastics against aging and fading.

Barrier creation

The smooth, hydrophobic surface creates a consistent anti-stick factor for easy removal of contaminants.

Scratch and Scuff Resistance

Fortifies any surface against scuffs and scratches and allows any damage to be quickly and easily remedied.


Won’t crack or flake like acrylic sealants, allowing for use on surfaces including hulls, upholstery and roll-up enclosures.


We guarantee a minimum of three years above the waterline and one year below as long as the coating is properly maintained.

Gloss and Shine

Ceramic Pro, unlike wax, provides permanent shine, creating deep gloss and colour that makes your boat look new.

Less Maintenance

Once cured, water rolls off the surface, grabbing dirt as it goes to make hand washing easy and remove the need for heavy detergents and chemicals.

Increased performance

Ceramic Pro Marine reduces drag on the hull bottom by reducing surface tensions to create higher speeds at cruising RPM’s.



Is Ceramic Pro Marine safe for my paint or gelcoat?

Yes, it’s formulated to be safe for all surfaces including your gelcoat or paint and will not void manufacturer warranties.

Does Ceramic Pro Marine fade, crack, peel, or yellow?

No. Our products have undergone both lab and real-life testing in some of the world’s harshest environments, so we know they don’t fade, crack, peel or yellow.

Is Ceramic Pro Safe for all surfaces on by boat?

Yes, one of its greatest benefits is its versatility. It can be used to protect any surface you choose.

Is Ceramic Pro an alternative to anti-fouling paint?

Yes, it works as a fouling release below the waterline by sealing the pores of your gelcoat or paint, preventing marine growth from rooting and staining and making removal easy. Our products are also environmentally safe — there’s no contamination or leaching of the product into the water.

Will Ceramic Pro Marine protect my gelcoat or paint from scratches?

Yes. After curing, Ceramic Pro coating can be more than four times harder than paint, so it’s far more resistant to scratching.


Can I apply Ceramic Pro Marine products myself?

No — all Ceramic Pro installers are trained and certified to ensure they understand how solvent-based coatings work, and demonstrate the care and attention to detail we demand.

Can my local detailer, dealership or service centre apply Ceramic Pro Marine to my boat?

Only if they’re a Ceramic Pro-certified installer. If you’re in any doubt, ask to see certification. Any detailer, dealership or service centre that claims to apply Ceramic Pro but can’t show the proper certification and isn’t listed on our website should be reported to our Support Team.

My boat has pre-existing damage, can Ceramic Pro Marine be applied over this?

All our trained and certified professionals are experts in correcting surface damage. They’ll restore your boat to the best possible condition before applying Ceramic Pro.


Can Ceramic Pro Marine products be used on my isinglass?

Yes, Ceramic Pro Marine products all carry UV inhibitors that will protect your isinglass from the UV damage that causes it to yellow and crack.

Will Ceramic Pro Marine protect vinyl?

Yes, Ceramic Pro Marine protects vinyl from spills, stains, oil/grime, fish blood and UV Rays, and because it’s completely flexible it won’t crack or peel.

Will Ceramic Pro Marine prevent water spots?

It won’t prevent water spotting, but it will make removing them without damaging the surface much easier. Because it creates a protective layer, it won’t allow the minerals in water spots to corrode or etch the surface, so it prolongs the life of metals, paints, gelcoats, plastics, vinyls and so on.

Will Ceramic Pro Marine protect by metals?

Yes, it protects against corrosion, oxidation, water spot etching and discoloration above and below the water — and the self-cleaning effect makes maintenance a breeze.

Does Ceramic Pro Marine effect the walkability of nonskid or teak?

No — in fact, you may find it actually improves walkability when these surfaces get wet.

Will Ceramic Pro Marine protect teak?

Yes, Ceramic Pro Marine will protect teak from accidental spills, staining, mould growth and rot. It enhances the natural look of wood, and reduces the need for oiling.

How long will Ceramic Pro Marine last?

Ceramic Pro Marine has a 3 year proven lifespan – that’s longer than any wax or sealant on the market.

Can Ceramic Pro Marine be easily removed?

No, it’s designed to be exceptionally long-lasting and can’t be washed away. It can only be removed by polishing.


Do I still have to use chemicals to clean and maintain my boat?

No — all you need is water and a mild boat or dish soap.

Do I need to wax my boat after Ceramic Pro Marine products have been applied?

Absolutely not. Ceramic Pro is the permanent replacement to wax and sealants.

Can I use a pressure washer to clean my boat?

Yes, Ceramic Pro Marine products are very durable and can withstand high PSI pressure washers.

Do I need to polish my boat every year?

No, Ceramic Pro Marine removes the need for annual polishing.

Can I use a deck brush to clean my boat?

Yes, but make sure it’s the softest brush available and only use it if you absolutely need to. The Ceramic Pro coating will help make sure most dirt and grime will lift off easily.

Does this product require annual servicing?

It won’t need servicing, but it should be inspected every year to maintain your warranty.


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3 Year Warranty

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2 Year Warranty

Bronze Package

1 Year Warranty
  • 3 Layers of Ceramic Pro Marine
  • 1 Layer of Nano Primer
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  • 1 Layer of Nano Primer
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  • 1 Layers of Ceramic Pro Marine
  • 1 Layer of Nano Primer
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